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07-1001.gif Model No. 07.1001 Four-position rack comes complete with padded armrest.  Holds up to four items such as radio, siren, switching systems etc.  Mounting arms allow almost any style of equipment to fit rack.

Model No. 07.1002 same as 07.1001 except padded arm rest is enclosed.  Great for storing those extra items.  Both available with optional mounting brackets listed below.


Two, three and four position Black Racks fit in both bucket and bench style police vehicles.  Houses your radio, siren and switching systems without interference to the driver or air bag deployment.

Model No. 07.0200 Two Positions
Model No. 07.0300 Three Positions
Model No. 07.0400 Four Positions
Optional Mounting Brackets Available
Model No. 07.3000 Crown Vic Bucket Seat Adapter
Model No. 07.3001 Crown Vic Bench Seat Adapter
Model No. 3002 Flat Surface Mounting Bracket
Model No. 3003 Lumina Mounting Bracket



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