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Luminator Trio Lights


  • Solid array of 3-watt Luminator LEDs
  • Compact housing mounts in a variety of locations
  • Diffusing lenses on the outer Luminator LEDs spread light horizontally while the center Luminator LED provides concentrated forward light.
  • Internal flasher has 10 user-selectable flash patterns.
  • Can be synchronized with other Luminator Trio Lights, Luminator Quad Lights and Luminator Trio Pro Lights.
  • Choice of solid Luminator LED arrays in amber, blue, green, red or white.
  • Black housing with clear polycarbonate lens.
  • Knock-out holes for flush- or bail-mounting.
  • Waterproof.
  • Available individually and in 2- or 4-light kits.
  • Each light comes with a bail bracket, gasket, hardware and 18" pigtail wiring.
  • Kits include 2 or 4 lights and choice of 11.1002 or 11.1012 switch.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 12 volt
  • 1.5 amps max each light
  • 1-3/8" H x 5" W x 1-5/16" D
11.1002LED Double Switch
11.1012LED Micro-Switch



Luminator Dash Light


    Special Price Any Color $149.00

  • Six 3W Luminator LEDs incorporate Total Internal Reflection optics to provide exceptionally bright light
  • Diffusing lenses on four of the six Luminator LEDs disperse light horizontally. The remaining two provide concentrated forward light
  • Available with or without an internal flasher
  • Model 12.2809 has a 10 pattern internal flasher and a lighter adapter plug with POWER & MODE switches
  • Available in solid or split arrays of amber, blue, green, red and white.
  • Black anodized aluminum housing. Clear lens cover
  • Includes removable flashback shield.
  • Rear power cable location.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 12 volt
  • 1.5 amps max per light
  • 2-7/8" H x 9-3/4" W x 6-3/8" D (including shield)

    8 Function Undercover Siren with Remote Mini Controller


  • Eight operational modes: Wail, Yelp, Air Horn, Phaser, High-Low, Warble, Whoop, and Manual
  • Compact remote mini controller mounts in tight spaces or can be hand-held
  • Momentary soft-touch switches control Manual function and full-bodied Air Horn and Phaser sounds
  • LED lights illuminate each switch and highlight selected function.
  • Controller easily connects to amplifier with plug-in attachment.
  • Powers one 100W RMS speaker with an 11 ohm impedance.
  • Solid-state electrical components.
  • Engineered to withstand reverse polarity and high-voltage spikes.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 12 volts / 100 Watts
  • Current Draw: 10A Average / 15A Max
  • Amplifier - 2-3/8" H x 4-3/8" W x 5-3/8" D Switch - 1-13/16" H x 3-1/8" W x 1/2" D">

    30.2515 Siren with Remote Mini Controller
    Includes a remote mini controller, amplifier, plug-in connector and all necessary wiring.
    Price: $159.00

    More Undercover Siren Click


    speaker 100 watt Slim Speaker

  • Super-thin design installs in small spaces.
  • Novel shape features three sound channels that provide a clear tone with a long distance spread.
  • Constructed of non-corrosive, rust-resistant cast aluminum.
  • Comes complete with a standard bale mounting bracket and a 12-inch, 18-gauge lead wire.
  • 7 7/16" H x 7 3/4" W x 3 1/8" D
    Price 30.0200 $149.00


Luminator LED Mini Bar SPECIAL


  • Exceptionally bright light from 24 LEDs with Total Internal Reflection optics commands attention in hazardous situations.
  • Ambient light sensor automatically reduces LED intensity at night.
  • Diffusing lenses on 18 of the 24 LEDs horizontally disperse each flash in a wide-angle pattern providing 360 of visible light.
  • Solid-state LED flasher with 12 user-selectable flash patterns.
  • Magnetic-mount models include an adapter plug with a POWER rocker switch and a MODE momentary switch.
  • Low-profile design improves fuel efficiency.
  • Extruded aluminum base. UV-resistant Lexan dome with gasket.
  • End power cord location.
  • 12 volts 6 amps max
  • 2.25" H x 17.25" W x 9.125" D - Permanent Mount
  • 3.25" H x 17.25" W x 9.125" D - Magnetic Mount

    12.1224 Luminator LED Mini Bar - Permanent Mount Includes 11.1002 Switch $429.00

    12.1224 Luminator LED Mini Bar - Magnetic Mount $439.00


Qty: Multi Color Luminator Mini Light Bar

Dash Pro LED Light


    Special Price Any Color $169.00


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